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K-Series Head gasket Replacement 

Here at DPL Autos Roverland we undertake this job on a regular basis, We are sure everybody who owns a MG or Rover fitted with a K series engine has had head gasket failure at some point. Some "Non" specialist garages charge in excess of £800.00 + for this job and use non genuine parts and treat the vehicle as any other but that's were we are different from these "Non specialists" We use our 25 years experience of these vehicles and have all parts on site ready for the job to be completed. We always use genuine MG Rover parts where possible and include everything in this package unlike some company's that start with a small price and add extras on!

We are also proud to offer a 12 month parts and labour guarantee with our head gasket replacement (Terms apply) 

We carry out the following work:

  •  Head Gasket
  • Inlet manifold gasket
  • Exhaust gasket
  • Cam cover gasket
  • Cam shaft seals (Two front and two rear)
  • Cam belt kit with tensioner 
  • Water pump
  • Valve stem seals X16
  • Fresh OAT coolant
  • Oil and filter
  • Four spark plugs
  • Air filter
  • Thermostat
  • Pressure test and cylinder head face checked, Skimmed if required, Block checked and cleaned
  • Head bolts checked, Measured and replaced if required
  • Free local recovery and free unlimited use of a MG Rover hire vehicle if required 
  • Vehicle washed and interior cleaned   
£575 for non VVC Vehicles and £595 for VVC Vehicles