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Complete Vehicle Detailing & Paint Correction

Below is a detailed description of what every vehicle will receive as part of our carefully chosen package. All Polishes are either produced by ourselves or carefully chosen for this type of work. You can also purchase the products from us! 

  • Use a specially formulated fall out remover to loosen dirt from exterior body and door shuts safely
  • Clean faces and inside of wheels with wheel cleaner and arches with degreaser
  • Clean all door shuts, engine bay and fuel flaps to remove dirt and grease with degreaser 
  • Wash paintwork
  • High pressure rinse
  • Three Stage machine polish is then started to achieve swirl free finish
  • Stage 1 is cutting back the lacquer (or paint if not lacquered) to remove swirl marks, scratches and defects. This stage removes any previous polishes/waxes and also any small scratches that have not gone through the paint layers
  • Stage 2 is removing marks put in by aggressive pad used in stage 1 and enhancing the gloss of the paint
  • Stage 3 is refining the paintwork and removing ‘buffer trails’ or ‘holograms’ put in by the first 2 stages. This will give an ultra depth of shine and give it the mirror finish in preparation for the wax stage
  • Wash vehicle removing all excess polish and cutting compound paste
  • Apply our special own in house produced water wax protection coat
  • High Pressure rinse
  • Hand dry bodywork with ultra soft drying towel and use a blower to blow out standing water from areas it would gather such as panel joins.
  • Stage 4 is to apply our own wax coat to the paint using one of our Signature Waxes. We use high grade carnauba waxes, This will give the paintwork the ultimate protection coating. Once the vehicle is waxed this makes for easier washing and making it difficult for road salt and grime to stick to the paintwork. This protection should last 12 months depending on the use of the vehicle and future maintenance washing. A few vehicles we have carried out this process on are still looking well after two years!
  • All interior and exterior rubbers, treated and protected
  • The windscreen glass along with all other glass receives a clean inside and out then a  protection treatment is applied
  • The wheels are waxed using our own Wheel Wax
  • Exhausts or tail pipes receive a deep clean removing most exhaust gas stains and then polished
  • All interior plastics are cleaned, Old polish and contaminates removed and redressed
  • Mats removed and steam cleaned removing all dirt and stains
  • Carpets receive a deep clean, Shampoo, Vacuumed then applied with a protector which repels liquid and resists soiling
  •  Cloth seats are shampooed and Vacuumed and then applied with a protector which repels liquid and resists soiling. (If the vehicle has leather seats then the leather is cleaned removing all dirt from the pores of the leather along with removing tired marks and groves in the leather. Then a polish is applied to help to protect the leather and prolong its life.  
  • Once all the above work has been completed the owner will receive a pack to help maintain the concourse shine. The pack includes our own signature shampoo clear instructions on how to maintain the achieved finished shine and a Ultra soft dry towel.
  • All work must be discussed first before booking and if possible we would like to see the vehicle in person, This is so we can give a accurate price / Quote for the work as every vehicle is in a different condition.
  • Our complete process normally takes a complete day sometimes two.
  • Prices start FROM £250.00 which includes all of the above but it DOES depend on the vehicle in question (Things such as vehicle size and condition are taken into account when priced)

Please contact us for anymore information or to book in your vehicle for this fantastic service. All the above images are vehicles we have carried out the process too.